Villas en Lanzarote

Use of Recreational Boat

Recreational boat rental

If you stay in any of our Villas in Lanzarote, we have for rent a recreational boat SEA RAY 230 of 7 meters in length and maximum capacity for 8 people

For a special price of 450 euros for a half day or 700 euros for a full day, enjoy a unique nautical experience during your stay in our villas. In any case, the hiring of the captain is mandatory for € 150

It is docked at Marina Rubicon, in Playa Blanca, and you can also contact our nautical manager, Mauro + 34 603 21 76 90, responsible for who can help you in the search for the boat you need, even with the captain if you do not have a nautical license. For the users of our villas there is a special price.